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In remembrance
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2002 Salute Reunion in Goshen, Indiana
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In remembrance
David Crockett Lowrey Jr MoMM3/c
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In remembrance of our shipmates who lost their lives on the afternoon of June 8, 1945. When the USS Salute struck an enemy mine in the south china sea and was destroyed.

We remember these men unto this day, and unto this day we stand boldly in defense of the purpose that they gave their lives for.


Edward Frank Banach SM3/c
William Thomas Brown MoMM2/c
Kaley Ceville Crotwell EM2/c
Roy Mickel Ojala GM2/c
Ralph Clyde Shafer MoMM2/c
Carl John Swanson F1/c
Willard Glen Turley S1/c
Douglas Emanuel Van Dreese S1/c
David Crockett Lowrey Jr MoMM3/c


Sleep, my sons...
Sleep in the silent depths
of the sea.
Or in your bed of hallowed sod
Until you hear at dawn
The low, clear reveille of God.
( Pacific War Memorial )